Congratulations New ABC Method Instructors

Congratulations to our newest ABC Method Instructors!

These trainers and instructors spent the last 2 weeks studying with me (and on their own) so that they can go out into the world and continue teaching the method!

What’s so great about these trainings is that I am getting a variety of teachers. Some are in group fitness. Some are trainers. Some teach designed formats. But The ABC Method is a fitness integration system, so a lot of our work is learning to integrate The ABC’s into what they already teach.

This helps people start, continue, recover, and get what they want out of their trainings!

We love to see people succeed.

If you work with women who have ever been pregnant, or anyone who struggles in the core department (that covers a lot of ground!), you need to be on our next graduating class!

Check out the website and register for our next training. Better yet, if you work with a group of trainers or instructors, schedule a private certification class with Carrie!

Imagine what we can do.

New Dates Announced for the ABC Method Certificate Course

I wanted to make sure you know there are NEW dates announced to certify in The ABC Method! Check out the new dates HERE and register! You don’t want to be left out of this awesome opportunity to learn how to serve women (and Men!) with Diastasis Recti.

Also, did you hear that we are now approved for 1.2 CEU’s with ACE, NASM, and AFAA?? That means you can earn a ton of credit while getting all the tools you need to amplify your impact with your clients.

You get not only time directly with me, but time with the group, time to study and work, time for your assessment one on one with me, AND ongoing support with me and others that have certified.

This is the BEST value I have EVER offered in my professional career, and I feel so blessed to be a piece of the puzzle for the teachers that impact the world.

I hope to see you there. You can register TODAY. We will cut off registration 24 hours before the start of the course.


When to Start The ABC Method Postpartum

postpartum method

When can I start The ABC Method Postpartum?

I get that question in several forms:

  • what should I be doing for my core immediately postpartum?
  • should I be exercising immediately postpartum?
  • when is an appropriate time for me to start working on my Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor postpartum?
  • do I need to have release from the physician before using your practices for core?

Here’s the answer:

  1. Take care of yourself and your baby.

This is rule number one. When in doubt, go back to this rule. The first few weeks after birth are hard. There is a new life to care for. You just went through the birth process. Your body is processing and changing. Your baby is growing and changing. Pay attention to THAT first and do what you need to do to help yourself heal and be well for that tiny life.

2. Until you are released to exercise, when you do get up to move around and start to think about your personal healing and recovery, focus on the BASICS of The ABC Method.



C=Core Engagement

This is the foundation upon which everything rests. So, from the time you are sitting, standing, and walking, that is your focus. Go back to the basics. Do the fundamentals.

Strengthening and Exercise come a little later.

You can start The ABC Method today with help from my book, “Flatten my Postpartum Belly,” available on amazon.

The First ABC Method Certified Instructors

The Very First Class of ABC Method Certified Instructors are now out there and practicing what they learned!

How exciting and fun is it to be able to help people help more people?!

How great are these three for being the first to sign up and go through the initial process the first time?! Here’s what I’m proud of:

  • They GOT it. They got the method. They understood it on themselves. They got how to pay it forward.
  • They implement it. These three are now implementing these methods into the wonderful things they are already doing in fitness!
  • The door is open for more. With exploration around the method, we open doors for instructors and students to learn so much more about exercise science and kinesiology.

Are you ready to be part of the next wave?

My October training will be done in a series of evenings:

October 20, 22, 27, 29 from 7:00-10:00 PM Eastern time / 4:00-7:00 PM Pacific. Right now, the price is $199 and includes ongoing support! It’s ACE Approved for 1.2 CEU’s.

Register NOW

Would you like to visit about your special circumstance or group? Email me HERE.

The ABC Method Differs From a Postpartum Specialty

You have heard about being a pre and postpartum fitness or wellness expert or specialist, right? And you’re wondering…

Is The ABC Method any Different?

The ABC Method is great for helping prenatal and postpartum women, but it is not a certificate in overall pregnancy and postnatal health. It is specific to core stability and Diastasis Recti.

This is in fact an in person, personalized, up close look at how we, in the fitness industry, can serve any person with Diastasis Recti and core dysfunction, and how to integrate these ideas into the methods we already use in fitness.


  • women who have ever been pregnant
  • people with a core injury
  • people who have back or core pain
  • people who have hurt themselves training
  • men with AAA
  • people who have gained significant weight in the core area

So, instead of specializing just in the fourth trimester, we can serve in all of these capacities.

We want to take the methods of The ABC Method and specify it to who you serve and how, which is why we are meeting in person and working closely together. That is also the purpose in ongoing meetups and support. All included with the cost of the certificate program.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for trainers, teachers, instructors, coaches, and even people who are interested in the topic. You can be part of the solution.

See more and register for our next training at


More Information on The ABC Method Certification

The ABC Method Certification empowers you, the teacher, trainer, instructor, or coach, to use the method Carrie has been using for over a decade to help people all over the world recover from Diastasis Recti while stabilizing their core and working on deep core structure. It’s NOT method to pull people away from their goals, but an integration method to help them reach their goal.

Imagine what you could do if you could infuse your teaching with this method.

Register NOW for The FIRST EVER ABC Method Certification Class and get this ONE TIME special rate!

New Certification for Professionals: The ABC Method

My new certification for professionals who work with postpartum women or anyone with core instability and dysfunction is HERE. It’s The ABC Method, and YOU can be among the first to certify in this special fitness integration system.

The certification course is 1.2 (12 hours) of credit through American Council on Exercise!

Questions? Let’s talk about it Thursday night, September 3, 2020. Make sure to fill out my application / interest form to stay in the loop, or go ahead and book your seat at the FIRST (Alpha) training set for September 26-27 NOW!