Will you help with the next project?

My brain is all a-buzz this morning, working on serving people better with the systems that have shifted the course of so many people’s fitness journey.
In case you didn’t know, I have been a postpartum trainer for 16 years, with the past decade really focused on what is now known as THE ABC METHOD.
My method has evolved and progressed over time, and I am still learning every time I teach it.
So I want to know where you are at, if you are struggling in an area of your personal fitness OR if you are a trainer, and you feel like there Is a blind spot for your training and classes, I want to know about it.
You can help me with my next project, created with you in mind.
This simple survey can help me help you better!
You’ll notice that I have a special question section for professionals in the fitness/wellness field. That’s because I feel very strongly about teaching the teachers, so that we together are making a greater impact on the world.
Would you please forward this email or post the link for your trainer / instructor to see?
Thanks so much!
What are you working on today?

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