This program gave me my life back. I went from being frequently bedridden with back pain to strong and stable and haven’t been stuck in bed since I started it six years ago! Can’t say enough good things about this program, and I’m so grateful to Carrie.❤️” – Christine
“Carrie is an amazing teacher! Her program got my core back in check! I have been over the moon happy with my results!” – Melanie
“Quick story to share…tonight is a gorgeous night here in Austin so I joined my littles on the trampoline; something I haven’t done in months and something avoid doing bc I pee myself with every jump ‍♀️ well, 15 minutes in I realized I was not peeing at all and I was doing every jump with no effort to squeeze!! This is huge and is such a proof of healing!” – Grace
“Hey everyone! Just wanted to say that I loved the 10 week journey with our group! The accountability and positivity and support from everyone was amazing! It was nice to know that we were all in it together and could share successes and areas where we needed support! I feel better and stronger and happier and I am so grateful that we got to do it together!”
- Katie

“I’ve lost about 5 inches from my waist which feels good! I haven’t lost a lot of weight and haven’t noticed a difference in measurements anywhere else on my body but I’m hoping if I can stay dedicated to the next few weeks I’ll continue to see changes!”

“Those who know me well understand that “postpartum pooch” has been my nemesis since Erika was born. I met Carrie West Harper about a year and a half ago at my North Austin YMCA, and I’ve been doing her exercises since then. My diastasis recti (DR) gap is actually closing after all these years of failed attempts. Really closing! (From four fingers wide to begin with, two fingers at the start of doing this routine, and currently at about a half-finger wide.)

“DR (diastasis recti) can be a depressing thing, particularly when you are repeatedly stared at and asked if you are pregnant. Years after you were. At age 50. It doesn’t go away on its own. You can’t do planks, pull-ups, push-ups, twisting… the list goes on. Your back aches. You have no core strength.
“Carrie fixes this. You close it. You get strong. There is hope.
“If you or anyone you know has any issues with DR — and many people do but don’t realize this — please share this. She’s got a crazy special running this weekend to kick off the pre-launch of her Kindle book, so get it!”
Your book is very insightful. I started the ABC’s yesterday. Using my diaphragm to BREATE is challenging, but I did it all day. Boy, my transverse and oblique muscles are sore! And that’s just from breathing with my diaphragm! I can tell this experience will be life-changing. I’m looking forward to feeling and seeing the changes as I progress forward. Baby steps for now. ❤️ “- Amanda
“Thanks again for another great party, and for the plug for my books at the beginning. I so appreciate. You have such a lovely presence on your videos and your live meetings – very approachable and understandable. I enjoyed your lesson today. One of the things I realized after starting your system was that for the fifteen years after having my first c-section, I had not been standing up straight. No one ever told me I wasn’t, and I didn’t realize it, but I stayed hunched over at the incision point. When I followed your instructions to stand up straight, I felt like I was leaning backward, and it was so painful and uncomfortable! I still have to watch it – I have a tendency to slouch forward, probably too many hours pushing wheelbarrows, lol! Your book should be required reading for post-natal. Every woman who has a baby should read it, and sooner rather than later. I am so grateful to you for giving me my life back.” -Christine
“I just read the first four chapters and i was in tears half the time.  I wish i had this book a year ago” -Ami
“I joined Beachbody and started the modified 21 Day Fix a week and a half ago. After having my 3rd child 5 months ago, I knew it was time to start getting back in shape. Although I lost the “baby weight” with my first two, and working on it with the third, all of my muscle has turned to flab. I want to be strong, fit and keep up with my kids as I age. I was planning on joining the gym but Carrie West Harper convinced me to join Beachbody (no lectures she just shared information with me). Well, I am so glad I did! The reality is that I am too tired to go to the gym at night when my kids are asleep. I’ve gotten into a routine of working out from home and my kids join in sometimes. Not only do I feel stronger already, but my pelvic floor is stronger and the pain I felt after tearing with each kid is gone! For some reason my feet hurt and I had to wear shoes all of the time. Amazingly, that is gone too! I’ve been following Carrie West Harper ‘s plan from her book: Flatten My Postpartum Belly, starting with working on my posture. I feel so much better already and look forward to slowly building this body back up!” -Jenny
“I didn’t realize how much I was pushing or out in daily activities until I read this book” – Hillary
“You need to be on Oprah or Ellen or something! You need to be telling the WORLD!” -Whitney
“Thank you so much for this resource! I am in another beachbody group and am so thankful to have found your videos that modify for diastasis recti with 21 day fix. I’m also following the methods in “flatten my postpartum belly.” I have found I have much more patience with myself in my postpartum health/appearance knowing that I am doing the correct exercises and that it is a process that takes time. The peace of mind and support makes a huge difference! Thank you!!” – Justine
“Just by following your ABC’s and basic eating recommendations more closely, since Tuesday, I have lost 3 pounds, my belly is flatter, and my jeans fit better! Definitely motivated to keep going and work on closing my gap with your strategies!” -Andrea
“I wanted to thank you for explaining my situation and looking forward to watching your 2nd segment on living with diastasis recti.”
“I am a pelvic floor physical therapist on Long Island, NY!  I recommend your program all the time :)” – Rachelle
“A few weeks ago, i did something to strain my back slightly. Not debilitating, just annoying. The pain, however did something to prevent me from keeping my “corset” tight. I got to use some of the modifications i learned from this to prevent further injury. So yes it is ALL related! Thanks for this!” – Melissa
“I know you’re not supposed to check more than once a month, but just by learning correct alignment, breathing, and core engagement, my gap is already down from 6 fingers to 4!!!” – Chelsea
“90% recovered in four months: Definitely stronger! I’ve also discovered how the exercises I thought I knew how to do, I actually was doing them wrong and now that I know how to hold my core I realized I’m not as good as I thought hahaha. So I’m going to continue to avoid all those things until I’m strong again.” – Patricia
“How could this have been missed (by me and by all my doctors) for so long?
“I started reading about how digestive issues are one very common indicator of DR. Literally, my internal organs have been unsupported and hanging OUT for all this time. No wonder I’ve been in pain!
“It took me awhile to find a therapy regimen that I clicked with. But when I did, and when I learned proper Alignment, Breathing, and Core engagement (the ABC’s) according to Carrie West Harper, y’all…
“Down from a 6-6-7 gap to a 1-3-4 gap… and still going!
“My obliques and TA’s have never been so strong!”
“Went to the physio yesterday and she said I am healing very nicely. I would say it has to do with your book!” – Mimi
“Your post brought tears to my eyes. Carrie West Harper you’ve given so many women, myself included, hope and all the tools we need to repair our Diastasis. Before you I thought my only option was surgery, it’s been a year since I’ve been doing my core routines and am thankful for you every day. God Bless you.” – Maggie
“I’ve already read your book. I was crying by the second page, I need this so badly. It’s so much more than physical aesthetics!” -Sarah
“Oh my. Thank you so much. I just don’t know what to say or how to thank you enough. You equipped me with the knowledge to truly take care of my body after years of bad advice. I know from what you’ve shared that you understand. I’m just so thankful. You showed me I wasn’t stuck. Anyway 😆 I always share you with people and I’ve gifted and told people of your book. That’s a small thing I can do. Thank you 😊 ” -Sonja
“I wanted to share with you my progress, I’ve kept doing some of the exercises we worked on, my DR was really severe and now after two years I’m 20 pounds lighter 3 pants size smaller and my DR closing. I never thought I could get my pre-pregnancy body back after 3 huge pregnancies, and thanks to the work I did with you and what I learned from you I did!! It is so important to keep going a doing the work even if I’m not doing it directly with you, not give up my journey has lasted 2 years to get to where I wanted and I’ll keep on working on it to fully close my DR. Thank you Carrie ❤️” – Maggie
“You’re in the right place! I tried all the programs and saw so many specialists over the last five years and I can finally say that after working through Carrie’s program while still doing Beachbody, I was able to fully close my gap!” – Kirsten
“I really enioyed today’s class. Just wanted let u know it really helped me when u mentioned how heavy or light your dumbbells were for different exercises. That way it was easier to help me find a weight that was just right for me right off the bat vs switching up a few times before i found something that felt right. Thanks again. I’m also learning that slowing down is sometimes smarter and the importance of stretching. No pain no gain isn’t always the way to go. And taking time to stretch shouldn’t come with guilt. It shouldn’t be a rare luxury but maybe more like a more regular essential. As a young mom it not easy to do things that feel good, relaxing and take time out for myself and not feel like I’m missing an opportunity to invest in my littles. :))” – Darya