Working out with Peloton? Diastasis Recti? Here’s help

Major tech global digital fitness brands are all the rage.


And they are GREAT for general fitness. What I want you to recognize is that they are not specific to Diastasis Recti and core dysfunction. Where they may mention the issue in passing or even have a general info video on it, their workouts are not designed for recovery nor do their modifications even begin to help with your specific issue.

this is an issue because at least 1/5 users need the extra help


I created a little video to help you if you are using one of these brands for your fitness:

For a recovery program, refer to

To be part of the solution, refer to

In Solidarity for Women and Minorities Everywhere

texas broken heart
artwork by Radish White Ice

Because I live in Texas. I just want to share how I feel right now.

I love my neighbors deeply.
I love Austin deeply.
Our elected officials have broken our hearts over and over again.
They will continue to attempt to rip us apart and divide us
Until we choose differently.
Register to vote.
Vote the assholes out.

If you didn’t know, 665 laws designed to frighten people, oppress people, and violate people’s constitutional rights were passed in the state of texas on September 1, 2021. CarrieFit stands on the side of love, integrity, equality, and service, always, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, or religion.




We will not be silent. Silence aids the oppressor.


#texasstrong #annrichardsiswithus #barbarajordaniswithus

Normalize All Bodies in Fitness


My first job in the fitness industry I won because I “look cute in that leotard.” No mention of my knowledge of talent for teaching and training.

I was 19.

Message: “looking good is far more valuable than the work you do.”

I worked with a total badass in the fitness industry in my late 20’s, who said “well, you’re young and cute, so you’ll get the client before me.”

She was usually unfortunately correct.

I went through deep shame in my 30’s due to Diastasis Recti. I didn’t look the part, what is WRONG with her, she didn’t “bounce back,” …. I got stares and harsh judgements, including from members of the fitness industry.
“Just do more ab work.” They said
(Sidenote: that is terrible advice)

I became a master trainer for one of the world’s leading fitness brands in my 40’s. Their response to me “wear more lipstick.” And “you’re aging. You will need to really step up your look” and “wear only this type of top…”

Very little was said about the fact that I was greatly impacting the trainers I was training.

And now, I am in my mid 40’s. And I stayed home for a year, much like the people I serve. My body and face have changed a little, reflecting life in my 40’s.

I’m proud of the work I do and the people I serve, but the back of my mind hears those old voices “is she cute enough?” “She should wear only this style…”

If you have those messages from any aspect of your life or career, know that I see you. Know that I am with you. If we normalize being normal; ie aging healthfully, we can shift this norm.

I never EVER want my daughters’ messaging to be about her looks being her value. The fact that my younger one is in theatre makes me extra cautious.

But I do believe you and me… we can show and celebrate women of all sizes and ages to normalize being healthy and happy over “cute enough” and “skinny enough.”

Diastasis Recti Secret 1: Love Yourself First

Ok, ok. I’m not trying to be cliche. I’m really not.

But the first step in recovery. Of all kinds. Is self love.


Here’s what I’ve noticed.

Most people go into recovery with this kind of thought: “Why did I let this happen?” “I’m a failure at this.” “I feel ugly and stupid.” “I hate looking at myself.” “I hate this body.”

Does it matter?

I think so.

When someone decides to start from a place of loving herself, ie “My body is a miracle.” “I harbor and sustain life.” “I am a vessel.” ” My body serves me and protects me.” “I love this body,” I have noticed a direct correlation of simplicity in the idea of slowing down in order to speed up.

Slow down, connect with yourself, find your alignment. Breathe into your systems. Find your muscle connection….

All of that works when you’re ready to love yourself.

But if you’re stuck in “dammit, why can’t you just do this?” or “I’m going to beat you into submission!”...

It doesn’t work. And we backtrack. And start again.


I’m telling you. I’ve noticed the difference. It is making ALL the difference.  Have you noticed that? In any recovery? Any injury? Any setback? Does it always start with self love?


What if it did?

Will you help with the next project?

My brain is all a-buzz this morning, working on serving people better with the systems that have shifted the course of so many people’s fitness journey.
In case you didn’t know, I have been a postpartum trainer for 16 years, with the past decade really focused on what is now known as THE ABC METHOD.
My method has evolved and progressed over time, and I am still learning every time I teach it.
So I want to know where you are at, if you are struggling in an area of your personal fitness OR if you are a trainer, and you feel like there Is a blind spot for your training and classes, I want to know about it.
You can help me with my next project, created with you in mind.
This simple survey can help me help you better!
You’ll notice that I have a special question section for professionals in the fitness/wellness field. That’s because I feel very strongly about teaching the teachers, so that we together are making a greater impact on the world.
Would you please forward this email or post the link for your trainer / instructor to see?
Thanks so much!
What are you working on today?

What Your Trainer Doesn’t Know Could Hurt You

Please don’t take this the wrong way.

I do honestly believe that trainers and fitness instructors are there because they want to help people succeed. And that they are doing the best they can with the knowledge they have right now.

That being said, if your trainer does not understand how to differently train you with Diastasis Recti or core dysfunction (bad back? Issues with pelvic floor?), then you could walk away in pain or worse.

Here are a few tips for your training sessions:

  1. There is a difference between good pain and bad pain. Good pain feels like work. Bad pain feels like it’s wrong. If bad pain rises, you get out of the position immediately.
  2. There should never be a time where you feel form is compromised. If you’re all out of whack doing the exercise, imagine what your skeleton is doing.
  3. There is not an exercise that would fall out of the category of ABC. Do you know ABC? Does your trainer?

I would love to help you AND your trainer with your ABC’s. Trainers and instructors who take The ABC Method are more likely to find better exercises for you, and YOU are more likely to have more efficient and effective workouts (while recovering from Diastasis, back pain, or any core dysfunction).

Check out my work on youtube, or leave me a message and let’s talk about what’s next for you.

July is Diastasis Recti Awareness Month

Happy Diastasis Recti Awareness Month?

Well…. at least we are more “aware” than 16 years ago when I first struggled with it. But it’s still a lot of white noise, not a lot of direct help and information, and me and the other ABC Method Instructors shouting “it’s not a hashtag! It’s an important medical issue!”

I’ve been working on answering your questions in the group, so if you’re not a member…. hello? It’s FREE!

Speaking of free, I have a FREE Text Accountability Group starting next week (July 19, 2021). Register HERE and let’s figure out the right path for you.

AND I’m speaking at a stupendous Mom Conference. You can hear me and all these incredible professionals in the mom wellness space HERE.

If you know a new mom, make sure she actually knows what Diastasis is, and don’t scare her. Just tell her to look out for it. Encourage her to take the steps now to prevent damage and to seek help from me or an ABC Method Instructor. And, of course, a licensed professional physical therapist.

Take a breath and enjoy the summer. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Going all in? Or self sabotage?

You THINK going all in is going to be the answer, RIGHT?

Ok so let’s set up the all-or-nothing mindset journey for you….

Client: “I want the biggest personal training package. I’m IN. I’m ready. I want to do it ALL.”

Me: “ok. I have time Tuesday or Thursday between 12 and 3. What time do you want?”

C: “oh. I want Monday at midnight.”

M: “I have time on Tuesday or Thursday between 12 and 3.”

C: “I don’t want to do afternoon. I want Monday at midnight.”

M: “that is not available on my schedule. I have a book that leads you through my material. You can start there…”

C: “no. I don’t read.”

M: “it’s also available on audio.”

C: “no. I don’t listen.”

M: “I have the whole course on video..”

C: “no. I don’t watch.”

M: “I have a group class..”

C: “no. I won’t participate. The only way I will participate is one on one at midnight on Mondays.”

M: sigh. Well. This is a huge exception to my rule, but I will see you at midnight on Monday.”

11:59 Sunday:
C: “I’m tired. I’m not going to make it. Can you do 5 AM?”

Truth: your brain will give you ridiculous hoops to jump through, convincing you that it’s the only way.

But the REAL truth is that you will actually adhere to the plan if it’s simple and doable.
So if personal training is not simple and doable for you right now, don’t ask for it!
I do have a book, a course, a class, and even a FREE text group to help you actually DO THE WORK.

Start where you are.
And stop listening to the “all or nothing” brain.

She’s really not on your side.

How to have a Beach Body

How to have a beach body:
1. Have a body
2. Go to the beach.
I didn’t realize how much of my brain space was consumed with size and shape until I broke free.

Judging myself for the tone of my arms and the size of my thighs took too much of my power away.

So I decided to focus on these things:
1. What makes me feel good
2. What gives me energy
3. What makes me feel strong
4. What makes me comfortable in my body

THOSE things:

  • matter
  • rub off on my kids
  • leave me free to do the important work I was sent here to do
  • keep me free of pain and illness
  • give meJOY.

And we all need all those things.

Have you broken free yet? What things make you strong, powerful, and joyful?

Join my FREE Text Accountability group for the summer of 2021 to help focus on your wellbeing.

But DON’T stop going to the beach and loving the body you are in.