How Can I Help Today?

I need….

  1. help with Diastasis Recti
  2. a professional certificate course to be the core stability expert in my field
  3. the book with The ABC Method techniques and trainings tucked inside
  4. live and on demand full body fitness classes
  5. to schedule Carrie for my workshop, event, or conference

Systems and Programs Changing Lives All Over the World:

dots represent where The Diastasis Recti Recovery System is currently being used

Carrie Harper is a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Health Coach, and Pre/Post Natal Fitness Expert certified through the American Council on Exercise. Carrie has been in the field of fitness since 1994 and health coaching since 2004.

Since 2004, Carrie has helped coach thousands of people around the world in weight loss, nutrition, functional fitness, injury healing,  injury prevention, and postpartum wellness. Carrie created and designed the Diastasis Recti Recovery System, which has helped thousands of people in 50+ countries recover from this common injury. She is the author of best selling book “Flatten my Postpartum Belly,” containing her groundbreaking work with helping people recover from Diastasis Recti.

She has presented for  “MOVE Fitness and Dance Conference,” “The Pregnancy and Infancy Summit,” “MommyCon,” “MomCon,” “Journey to Empowerment Summit,” “Inspired Mom Summit,” and “SCW Mania” Conventions. People often say she has a power with words that changes the way they stand, move, and exercise. She has been published in Four Points News, Q Magazine, Family First Blog, and Mom and Baby Magazine. Carrie lives in Austin with her husband, two daughters, and Prince the golden dog (seen in class quite often).

BIG NEWS: The ABC Method Certification for Fitness Teacher, Instructors, Coaches, and Trainers is HERE! You can study Carrie’s method and use it in practice to pay it forward. Check it out!

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