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Join Carrie LIVE in July 2020

Live Classes Begin July 7, 2020.

Purchase your package HERE or APPLY to get in.

  • access to The “Diastasis Recti Recovery System
  • access to 42 workouts modified for Diastasis Recti
  • a personalized, lifelong nutrition plan
  • 4 LIVE (video conference) classes
  • help from Carrie
  • a group environment
  • a month of Super Food Shakes
  • current USA Price: $180 . The fitness and nutrition DO NOT EXPIRE, nor does access to the group.

Running a Live Event or Challenge?

Ask Carrie About:

  • live fitness classes (all done via video conference in 2020)
  • designing a challenge around your group (office, friends, family…)
  • presenting for your event
Carrie working with the fitness department at the University of Texas, Austin

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