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The ABC Method Certification Course IS HERE!

A certification method for fitness trainers, instructors, and coaches to integrate into their fitness to serve our clients with Diastasis Recti and core dysfunction.

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Carrie is on Moxie
Carrie is on Check out her class schedule!

Moxie is a fantastic virtual class platform that I am proud to teach on!

My classes are geared to help people with Core Stability and Diastasis Recti, using my trademark pending ABC Method in real time.

You can register for one class at a time, or subscribe and receive not only real time classes, but all of my classes On Demand!

Check out NOW and try it out! (

Running a Live Event or Challenge?

Ask Carrie About:

  • live fitness classes (all done via video conference in 2020)
  • designing a challenge around your group (office, friends, family…)
  • presenting for your event
Carrie working with the fitness department at the University of Texas, Austin