The ABC Method for Instructors is LIVE on the Website!

Great News, Fitness Professional!

The ABC Method for Instructors is now available as a go-at-your-pace course right HERE on the CarrieFit website.

Don’t worry; It’s still the quality material, it’s still taught by me, and you’ll still get my help. But now, you don’t have to wait on my schedule or worry about adjusting your work around the course.


  • the CarrieFit way to teach and train around core stability
  • a little science: core structure, stability, and Diastasis Recti
  • methods of empowering people to be successful in fitness as they work on core stability
  • methods to help stabilize the core and recover an issue (does not replace therapy!!)
  • structure for teaching people that have Diastasis Recti and core instability
  • help in options for people starting to recover their core
  • progressions as people start to recover
  • methods to keep people on the right path
  • instructor group to continue learning and helping each other
  • CarrieFit guidance along the way
  • 1.2 CEU at NASM or ACE, 12 hours at AFAA

If you teach people that struggle with core instability or Diastasis Recti, this is a must!

Go here and register today!

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