Why The ABC Method?

Core issues? Instability? Diastasis Recti?

Why the ABC Method, Carrie? Why bother? What’s the difference?

The ABC Method is NOT a fitness class. It’s not a one-size generic “solution.”

As I was working with women (and myself) through years of helping people recover core stability and help with their Diastasis Recti, I discovered that every single lesson I taught had a baseline that included

  • Alignment
  • Breathing
  • Core Engagement

Every exercise, every lesson that included non-exercise, all had to start and end with those 3 elements. I discovered that WITH those three elements, you would progress. And if something was awry within those 3 elements, you would not progress.

That’s why I use The ABC Method to teach all levels and all types of fitness for everyone, not just people that are struggling. Because the outcome and efficiency of the exercise becomes so much greater. And for people who are struggling, need solutions, and don’t need overcomplication, The ABC Method gives them a way to do EVERYTHING.

You no longer need just one set of generic exercises (which, by the way, if you do that generic list of exercises without The ABC Method, they won’t work). You get to move forward in fitness and with your life knowing and understanding what is best for you in the core stability you have today, and how to progress.

OK. So say you get invited to a popular fitness class. And you are worried because you have Diastasis Recti, and you’re not sure if you can do the class.

If you take the lessons in the book and / or the course until you feel the right ABC within your own body, then you can achieve more in that class and progress rather than hinder your progress!

I had a client tell me as much the other day. “I started this new program, and I don’t have to be afraid if I am doing everything right, because I understand my ABC’s.” YES! She got it. That IS the point.

Teachers, instructors, you are the lifeline. If you understand how to teach the ABC Method within all the brilliant teaching you are already doing, you will make the workout efficient and effective for all, not just the jock in the room. And you won’t have to fear not knowing the answer when that new mom in class says “I just had a baby. What should I be doing here?

You have the answer!

Here’s what I believe in:

  1. Everyone deserves to be fit and strong.
  2. Everyone deserves to feel good in their own abilities.
  3. Everyone should know how to treat their bodies right.

And, with that, I also advocate for every person struggling in core stability to see a physical therapist; they make all the difference in the world for healing and recovery. MY lens is in the fitness world. I will continue to teach to The ABC Method to help you, the client, and continue to help teachers around the globe utilize the method to make the workouts work for you.

Make sense?

How can I help?

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