Ego Traps Part 9: Right or Happy?

So do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy?

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

It’s an issue brought up a lot in the spiritual guide book “A Course in Miracles,” and something most of us continue to struggle with.

Including me.

Why are we here on this life journey right now? Is it to be right about everything? Is it to convince your neighbor or friend that your thinking is the right thinking?

Or is it to see another person as beautiful, loving, acceptable, and lovable, just as they are today?

The need to be right about everything is a fear based ego trap because it will spin cycles in your head about how to do or say something to win an argument or a point.

But what is winning and what is the point?

So, we might ask, what is “right?”

Every recognized spiritual teaching says that Love is right. And that’s all.

Any thought or action not in the will of Love is not in the will of God. And that’s all.

If another person is acting in the opposition of Love, it’s not up to you to be Right. It’s up to you to speak Love to the situation. NOT to be silent or side with the opposition. But to not speak to hate, fear, and violence. Instead, you speak with the kindness of a loving response.

There is no winner and loser in God’s world. There is only Love and where there is only Love, everyone wins.

So when someone is acting out of fear and saying or doing something you know is coming from that space, recognize it for what it is, speak Truth and Love, and show the person what Love Is. THIS is the greatest teacher, not arguing with specs.

She told herself.

The next time it comes up, ask yourself if you want to be right, or you want to be happy.

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