How Do I Know I’m on the Right Track?

How would I know if I’m on the right track with my core stability or Diastasis Recti Recovery?

I like to have placemarks for monthly checkins. If things haven’t changed, in appearance, feel, discovery, or functionality, something is amiss in your practice.


Do you look different? Is there a difference in the size and shape of your abdomen or profile?


How do you feel from the inside? Is there a difference in bloating, fatigue, weakness, pain, or a feeling of ability or engagement?


Have you discovered something new about yourself and your body? Do you have a new level of understanding of your own strength or how your body works to function for you? Can you put your mind and body together to do things differently now? Or do you notice that you are able to function differently in daily life?


How are you functioning, from a core center, and as a whole? Do you notice ease in your movement? Ease in better posture? A better, more efficient workout?

All of these field markers matter. If you are working through the Diastasis Recti Recovery System or using the book to learn about your condition and how to recover, then make sure you are not only following the system, but checking in with yourself. I recommend journaling, both in the things you can measure physically, and in things you notice from your mind and body.

If things are not changing month over month and you are suffering, don’t wait. Ask me or an ABC Method instructor what can be done. As always, I highly recommend physical therapy, as well, to help your body with functional movement.

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