The Ego and Gender

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Your DNA remembers your deep family trauma.

This means there are literal cellular memories of events that happened in your family, race, and gender past. Trauma is buried deep in us.

The ego knows this.

Let me give you an example.

I recently walked around a high school football game, and tuned in to the energy I felt around me. Women and the young women around me had a sense of nervousness. Their eyes darted. Their voices shook. They smiled nervously at the men around them.

The men there smiled with unabashed confidence. There was no darting of the eyes; no sense of fear. I don’t doubt that they have a level of a different kind of fear; maybe a fear of some kind of loss. But it’s undoubtedly different.

The ego knows and therefore is speaking very differently to us.

I once, in passing, heard The Medical Medium Anthony William say “The greatest fear of the male ego is that women will laugh at them. The greatest fear of the female ego is that men will kill them.”

That felt very real to me. It’s my life experience.

Women walk around with low level fear and anxiety. Women have to self protect in most environments, with a deep understanding that the male ego wants to power over them, which can lead to attack or worse.

Men walk around with an ego insisting that they take and maintain ultimate power, because powerlessness is emasculating. This is why male egos attack one another in a different way from how they attack the feminine.

This is merely an observation. I know and understand that we are working on a new day and a new earth. As we rise to the new earth, the ego will scream louder. But also the lines between those who rise above the ego will become blurred. We are becoming one solid force for good and for God. We also know we cannot be deterred.

The Body’s Purpose

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We’re all walking around with these things. What are they for?

As I have written about recently, I was brought up on and stuck to a very egoic philosophy for much of my life. That philosophy was that I am my body.

That I am judged for my body, controlled by a body, living in a body, and have life and death by bodily terms.

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These theories that I lived by caused years of anxiety and depression, ruined relationships, and destroyed my inner peace. Think about it: if you live and die by this body, what do you really have, and what kind of judgement have you placed on yourself?

I found A Course in Miracles around about 2005, thanks to Marianne Williamson, and got deeper into my daily practice around 2015. In between, there was a huge transition and major spiritual awakening that took place, which left me thinking:

What is this body and why?

A Course in Miracles explains that the body is merely a means of communication. This and only this.

Now, reading that, I was pretty confused at first.

This body that I walk around with does nothing but talk to people? Well, then, why have a body at all, why not just a head and a mouth? What’s the purpose of all of it?

As you know, my JOB is based on bodily health, which multiplied my confusion. Because, if the body doesn’t matter, does my WORK matter? I am quite convinced that it does, considering that the work in the body has greatly transformed people’s state of mental health and led to a greater quality of life.

Then, I was in a scary situation.

You’ve been there. You’re in a place where suddenly, everything in you starts firing up. Your heart races, you start sweating, and your hair stands up.

Get the hell out of here” is what your body is telling you.


The body is a means of communication.

The body communicates with bodies, spiritual beings, instinct, and the divine.

And a body in good function can function in these places much better than one that is energetically blocked with poor health.

This is why my body matters, why my work matters, why our communication matters, why our mind-body-spiritual practices matter. Why we continue to develop the muscles and eat the food of the earth.

Being still and knowing is within the mind AND body, and that will be the means of communication from the spiritual guiding forces and the messages sent by other humans to and through you.

Yes, your body matters. Keep loving thy self and loving thy body.

More to discuss on walking around on this earth in a body that is female…. we have a lot to talk about on that topic. Because, guys, it’s not just our hormones and organs that make this life experience different. It is literally every moment of every life experience that makes female living a completely different experience.