Ego Traps Part 8: Othering

One of the best ego traps the ego loves to play on is “othering.”

The thought that there is an “other” is the ultimate trap.

We are born knowing that we are all connected, and it actually takes time for a baby to be acclimated into this world and see through the ego brain that people’s bodies are “separate” during this existence.

With that logic, and the teachings of Jesus and other spiritual leaders, we know deep down in our Truth that there is no “other.” There is only US.

Examples of othering:

  • grouping people according to sex, race, or other demographic
  • making assumptions about people based on appearance or what group they associate with
  • blaming problems on “them.”
  • making blanket descriptions about a certain group based on your assumptions.

What does othering do?

It creates an imaginary divide among God’s people, convincing us that we are not an “us.” It can even lead to dehumanization. And dehumanization is the only way that we are capable of hurting each other. Our humanity otherwise would not allow it.

So othering creates crime and war, which is all kinds of ego wrapped in a ball of horror.

What to do about othering:

  1. Call it out, even if it’s you (I did this last night with my daughter. I heard myself say something, apologized, and explained to her that I was othering, and that it’s not ok).
  2. Learn about inclusion. There are lots of DEI programs and inclusion programs to help you.
  3. Listen to stories of groups that are not yours. Documentaries, movies, books, and conversations (LISTENING) are a great way forward.
  4. Don’t project or assume. When someone is telling you something, LISTEN. Don’t project your story on to the person or event. Pause. Take it in.

With these simple actions, we could possibly completely reverse the ego’s hold on the world, as has been prophesied to us (on earth as it is in heaven). That’s our directive. We should take it.

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