Ego Traps Part 5: I am what I do

Are you a human DOing? Or a Human BEing?

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

In our society (speaking in the western world and most specifically, the United States), we place a lot of emphasis on what you DO.

Give us your status, please, we seem to be saying. What do you say first at a dinner party or mingle event?

“Tell me what you do.”

And instead of launching into hobbies, enjoyment, pleasure, or other DOing, we launch into the status of what we do for money. What is our profession.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a profession and being paid for what you do. Quite the contrary, money is an energy and it flows through us and our work, just like other energies. It’s given and received on the same plane.

But we start to equate what we do as who we ARE, and then we get in trouble.

You are not, in fact, what you do for your profession. In fact, changing professions or having no profession doesn’t change who YOU are. The essence of you is so much deeper and carries so much meaning, both in this world and beyond, that we simply can’t equate doing with being.


Next time someone asks “What do you do?” Try one of the following answers:

  • Exist on the quantum field
  • Love deeply
  • Connect with others and the planet
  • Celebrate creation

That will throw the other person for a loop!

While we’re on the topic, some people carry deep shame and regret over their profession. Maybe something happened and you are working where you don’t want to, or you feel like it’s a “low class” job.

Just remember that God didn’t make low class people.

He made us all on the same field for the same purpose for this time period that we exist here. To give, share, and show Love to All. That’s why He says to take Joy in our toil. Because it’s not about that; it’s about how we treat each other and Creation.

It’s also not a bad thing to have the intention to do something more aligned with your energy. If you know that your energy is not well spent where you are, set an intention to be where you should be.

Try this prayer:

Help me be of the greatest good to all. Take me to the place where I would be most aptly used and share the best of me. May I be of service to all that is good. Amen.

And see where it takes you. You might start seeing new opportunities, new classes, new connections. There is no limit. There is only intention.

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