Ego Traps 10: The Need to Be Elsewhere

That annoying ego voice, and images in your head, telling you to that you need to be elsewhere, and then your emotions play along.

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You’re home with your kids. You get the pull that you should be working on your career, or working on that presentation coming up.

You’re at work or at a meeting. You get that pull that you’re not doing enough for your family. That your kids need you. That you should be there with them.

Not only does the pull interrupt whatever you’re doing, and then take your focus from you, but it will pull on your emotions. And then, you’re in the loop.

The loop… never being where you should be and always thinking about and feeling guilt about where you are.

That’s a sneaky ego trap, isn’t it? He’s going to find where you have the biggest feelings and use them against you. And for many of us, our biggest triggers are our own personal goals and our feelings about our families.

But when we feel those feelings and get those pulls, we are never fully present, and never really moving in the direction of our Truth.

It’s not easy. Guilt is a great game to play on us. So, here’s where to start.

Think of the people in your life that mean the most to you. And your life’s work. Those two things. When you are in one of those things, your priority has to be there, or you are hurting all of the people who need you. Your kid doesn’t need you to just sit there and worry about what you’re not doing, and your work will not progress while you sit there worrying about your kid.

Remember: worry is praying for something you DON’T want.

Redirect, redirect, redirect. Be in the moment right now. And if you can’t, or your brain keeps interrupting you, shake her up. Move. Dance. Laugh. Nothing will bring you back like Joy. Remember to bring Joy to your moment. Bring Joy to what matters to you. Joy brings presence and focus. Presence and Focus expand your moments, for you and for the other. And then we start to evolve.

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