Ego Traps Part 7: Shyness

Shyness? Isn’t that humility? Not quite…

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash


Consider a baby. Is a baby shy?

When first born, a baby is connected to everything at the same time that she needs to survive in this human body. So she communicates without fear of judgement or hesitation.

In a normal infant’s life, she will be outgoing, smile at strangers, take part in everything, and not worry about how she is seen other than being part of everything. Because she is beautiful and all is beautiful.

Then, something can happen.

This infant, toddler, or young child can be embarrassed, humiliated, judged, chastised, or ignored. She can see and hear things that convince her that her true nature of love and abundance isn’t true in this world.

This is how we pass ego on to our children.

And for sensitive souls, it can take just one pass, and the child can shut off from what she first knew as beautiful, wonderful, and connected. She can develop a “shy” personality that fears being seen. Because being seen is being judged.

It’s ok to be shy and to acknowledge shyness. All of these ego traps are normal, and all of them can be acknowledged as realities in the world we face. But we can also stand up to ego and decide to not be a servant to him anymore.

We can in fact break free from shyness and fear of judgement. But it does take a willingness to try.

You don’t have to go to parties, stand on a stage, or share your life story. You COULD just be ok with being you. And that translates.

As soon as you are ok with being you, shyness can dissolve. You can stand in your power and confidence. Remember, being free of being shy isn’t about how others feel about you; it’s about how YOU feel about you. And how great it is to not be controlled by ego.


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