Ego Traps 11: Inflicting Pain

On this Easter weekend, pain is on my mind.

(Calvary Of Jesus)

It might not be a surprise that anyone inflicting pain on Christ would have an ego problem. But it might be a surprise that all pain is an ego trap, if intentional.

Let’s talk about inflicting pain on others

The idea of inflicting pain on others, physical, emotional, or mental, is that of separateness. It’s the ego’s idea that we are not connected and that your pain is separate from mine. Or that inflicting pain onto you somehow takes it off of me.

None of this is true. None of this is of spirit, not even if the “other” person “deserves it.”

The Truth is that we are not separate beings, but connected in spirit, and so any pain onto another is a pain unto myself. And any pain unto others is a pain to the spirit, to God, and to the collective. God is in everyone and every living thing. Inflicting pain is harm to God (using the Lord’s name in vain).

We feel that pain on some level, then or another time. Giving is receiving. They exist on the same plane. You won’t be punished by God, but it will be felt and the vibrations return to you in some way.

God never inflicts pain on His people, even ones we think are unworthy. He sees worth in every single one of us and has Grace on every single one of us.

What about inflicting pain on ourself?

Sometimes, we want to punish ourselves. We deem ourselves not worthy of love and belonging, or we feel guilt and shame for action or inaction. Or we hurt ourselves and we don’t consciously know why.

Hurting ourselves does not remove pain from any other person, and it inflicts pain on our God that loves us. He extends eternal Grace. Our job is to receive it.

Depending on your upbringing or the faith base you come from, you may think some pain may be holy and deserved. Christ has asked for Grace only, and no sacrifice. Any other message is one of ego, and not of Christ.

Let yourself receive Grace. Give yourself Grace. Let yourself go from the ties of pain and destruction. They are just not necessary. There are practices to help you. If you struggle with self harm or hurting others (including God’s creatures), please contact a therapist ASAP. If you feel you are about to do yourself or someone harm, call 988 right now.

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