Help Others and Help Yourself with The ABC Method Instructor Course

I think a lot of times, we’re going to be more accountable to helping ourselves if we agree to serve others first.

I think we’re hard wired to serve. Serving others feels right; it feels purposeful. A lot of times, we don’t give self help the same weight. We tend to put off helping ourselves.

So, I guess this is a bit of a life hack and a bit of an invitation.

I started helping people in fitness because I wanted to help myself. I started helping people with Diastasis Recti recovery because I was recovering from the injury and a sub sequential surgery myself. When I decide I’m going to help someone with a problem, I tend to go all in, and I tend to then be able to help myself first. I become my own guinea pig so that I can see and feel it myself first. If I’m like, “I’m on to something here!” then I will want to pay it forward.

Are you like that, too?

As I was recovering from abdominal surgery, I couldn’t stand up straight and I was in terrible pain. I couldn’t get a full breath in. I couldn’t find my muscles with my mind’s eye. I had to work very hard on all of these elements. And something inside of me said “these are essential. You have to get these first.”

My inner guidance system was right, as always, and as I relearned things like posture, breathing, and internal muscle work, I discovered that I could heal, recover, strengthen, and improve everything about my fit life all from that foundation.

That’s really where The ABC Method came from. It came from me needing desperately to get well. And then me paying it forward to anyone who would listen. I didn’t think that it would heal thousands of people around the world; I just thought it was a good idea and it worked for me.

So now that you know, you can help yourself and pay it forward.

No matter what you teach or where, or even if you don’t teach yet, the system will help you help yourself and others. It’s simply integrating basic principles into everything you already do and already teach. Just these simple shifts in thinking, moving, and being create the space for an incredible healing, better strength, and generally better well-being.

I invite you to take a look and let me know how you’ll be using The ABC Method.

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