Diastasis Recti: Change the Order

We have the conversation backward, and it’s hurting people.

Of the hundreds or maybe thousands I have helped and talked to over the past decade or so about their Diastasis Recti, here’s the order of events for the wide majority of people worldwide who eventually find their way to CarrieFit.

  1. Post birth or post traumatic event, such as illness or surgery, you notice a change in your midsection.
  2. You ask your medical professional “what is wrong with this picture?” The response is something to the effect of “you’re swollen” or “you’re fat.
  3. You try to lose weight and nothing seems to work in the core area. In fact, it gets worse.
  4. You experience other symptoms, such as indigestion, pain, back pain, etc.
  5. You hire a personal trainer or other person in the physical wellness space. They lead you through weight loss training, nutrition coaching, or core training.
  6. You continue to experience symptoms and things don’t get better, or they get worse.
  7. Most people in your life say “there is nothing wrong with you,” or “you’re just fat.”
  8. You find out through a deep dive on the internet that “diastasis recti” is a thing and begin to wonder if it could apply. But the information is confusing, contradicting, and most of it says “you must be weak” or “you’re just fat.”
  9. After trying all of these confusing and contradictory programs, you stumble upon CarrieFit and begin the healing process.

This is months or YEARS of suffering before finding a place with steps and a solution. And what is so crazy is the stats:

  • 65% of aeortic aneurysm ends in diastasis recti
  • close to 100% of full term pregnancies end in diastasis recti

So if this is pretty much a sure thing, why are we putting people through the ringer for answers? Shouldn’t the entire conversation START with:

“Hi, here’s what is happening. Your midsection will expand over the next weeks, and your body’s natural adaptation is a separation of the rectus abdominis along the linea alba…

and so therefore, here is what we will do while you are recovering. I will first refer you to a physical therapist. And then, when you are released to exercise, you will do so with an ABC Method Instructor.

If that conversation were different, how would that empower people? What would be different?

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