Motivation to Work on My Diastasis Recti

“I came in here knowing I needed to get the work done… why am I struggling to start?”

I hear you. And even if you haven’t asked that, if you are one of the thousands who has downloaded, joined, etc, and I haven’t heard an update from you, I assume you are struggling with that statement.

Motivation is total BS

I don’t use the word motivation because you won’t be motivated to do the work. You just won’t. It’s not necessarily “fun.” It doesn’t lead to “instant” results. You might feel uncomfortable for a few minutes. And… well… there are so many things that are all of those, like this new Netflix series or pretending to do a bootcamp class…

I’m not motivated to do the work, either. Listen. I have had Caesarian sections, abdominal surgery, a frozen shoulder, and other body issues over time. I’m never “motivated” to do the work. It sucks, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s easier to read a book or write a blog post.

But I do it anyway.

And once I start working on it, I keep working on it.

It might be a personality thing, or it might be a learned behavior. I’m not sure, but this is how I operate. I have a schedule. I adhere to my schedule. Even when my brain argues with me. Even when my life gets messy. I might miss something, but I return to the schedule.

I’m so schedule driven that I had hand-written schedules on my walls in college, dictating not only class time, but practice time, workout time, work time, and leisure time.

Try this. Write it down. What’s your unofficial schedule right now? Where are your non-negotiables? Now, where are your spaces where you need to work on yourself? Schedule it in. Make it an appointment.

And then, when you wake up in the morning and your brain argues with you to go back to sleep or do something else, you just keep going anyway.

It’s not like that ever goes away. My brain argues with me EVERY living day, and I keep going. What are the results of me not falling to my ego pressure? Health, healing, recovery, manifesting, happiness, and more open time to do things I love.

So trust your inner knowing that says “Janie, you need time to work on this.” Schedule it. Do it. And then, you can be one of the many who sends me your testimonial. Tell me in 8 weeks “I did it!” And then, we shall keep moving forward.


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