Should I Run?

 A question I get asked often is “Should I be running?”

This includes pregnant women, postpartum women, and those struggling with core and pelvic floor issues.

I always ask people to take in consideration how they feel during and after a run, and I ask them to consider any medical advice they have received.

And then I ask “Can you maintain The ABC’s when you leave the ground?”

If you’re not sure if you do or if you can, make sure you go through the process first, keeping things low impact for the first few weeks while you go through the book or the online course.

Then, around the time you take the exit protocol process, you will be able to see and feel how your body responds to leaving the ground. Part of the overall process is being able to tell whether a certain movement is working with your body or against it.

I always tell people that pain shouldn’t be part of the equation.

A lot of people with core trouble and Diastasis Recti have swelling or a “distended” feeling after running, which is a sign that core engagement is still an issue in running.

Many also have trouble with pain in the pelvis, a sign that the pelvic floor needs strengthening before going to the next level. Urination while running is common but not normal. If this is happening, there is a level of dysfunction in the pelvic floor. I recommend not only working through one of my methods, but seeing a qualified physical therapist in pelvic floor for help.

The answer to “should I run?” is a very personal one, and one I don’t force on people.

I would say that your own body will be an excellent guide for this. I would also say that no one takes off running and it’s “easy.” It’s a process.

If you do feel ready for the next step and you want to either start running or go back to running, contact me about the fall running group. We will be working with a third party, as I am not a running coach. I can help with the ABC’s, and the method by Idalis Velasquez can help with the form of running and cross training.

See you on the track!

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