Thoughts on Leadership in Wellness

Do you consider yourself a Leader?

I was listening to a podcast by Brene Brown today (“Dare to Lead” on Spotify), and she was talking about leaders being in all spaces. It got me thinking about what a leader truly is and what they truly do.

Most people in a leadership position would be surprised if you told them they were a leader. I think of how my daughters look at me when I state an expectation. The look in their eyes is “YES. WE ARE WITH YOU.”

I think of people who maybe shouldn’t be leaders, but people look to them anyway, and don’t even realize that they are magnifying someone’s agenda. We are very adaptable to cultures, and it’s amazing how fast we adapt. (see this video study)

So…. I would imagine that you are a leader of sorts. Maybe it’s your family. Maybe it’s your workplace. Maybe it’s your friend group. Maybe this JUST occurred to you.

Would you CHOOSE how to lead? What kinds of choices would you choose if you knew your choices influenced the culture of your household or business? Would you choose differently?

I think about the words I use, the image I set, the habits I have, and the integrity I show ALL the time. It’s not a drag. It’s not a problem. It’s who I am. I would rather be an influence for GOOD than an influence for …. well….. whatever.

What would happen if your influence for good could change lives? Change families? Change health as we know it? What if it just started with you deciding to be the change? What then?

I’m looking for leaders who want to make a positive impact on their world, even if their world is just their families. I think the ripple effect is generational. Would you accept that?

Contact me for opportunities to make a change for yourself that could change your family and circle of influence. I would love to chat about your possibilities.

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