You are the Art


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Can you see yourself as the artwork?

Have you accepted that you were made in a specific way on purpose for purpose?

I want to remind you today that

  1. You are beautiful and lovable exactly as you are in this moment
  2. You can love yourself totally and completely and still seek self improvement
  3. True self improvement can only come from a space of Love

Have you ever tried to work on an aspect of yourself out of self loathing?

How did that go?

Typically, going from a place of self loathing leads to 2 outcomes:

  1. More self loathing
  2. Temporary results

But here’s what I also know. I know that you can’t wake up from years of negative self talk and suddenly have positive self talk. You especially can’t believe yourself if you look in the mirror and your brain is thinking one thing, but you say another. That’s called being out of alignment, and it doesn’t lead to self Love.

Basically, you’ll call yourself a liar, which leads to more self loathing.

So, instead, we take bite sized pieces. We start small.

We focus on one thing we can be in alignment with.

For instance, I really like my eye color.

That’s day one. Eye color. I have pretty eyes. And when your brain goes to “yeah, but your wrinkles…” you stop and go back to the eyes.

Then, you start catching yourself with these thoughts that might be on a loop cycle in your head, things like “you can’t succeed because…” or “you’re not worth it because…”

OK; stop those and correct them because God didn’t make a slouch, and She gave you everything you need to be the person She intended to be on this planet.

Take the time to get to know yourself, your strengths, and what you can identify as lovely. Keep adding to that list every day.

You’ll start to see a shift, because you’re seeing what you already believe.

Then, you can see the magic in store for you.

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