Have you ever thought You are the Ornament?

Have you ever thought that you were just there to be the ornament?

That you needed to be plastic, fake, covered in glitter, and personality-less?
Maybe you thought:
– they will like me if I look a certain way
– I will be safe if I stay quiet
– if I fit in with the other ornaments in the room, I will be safe an accepted .

It’s an adaptation that we have made to be safe. Because in our world history, standing out or being different could get your thrown out of the tribe.. or burned. Or stoned.

But how does being an ornament serve you and the world today?

Does it elevate your life? Does it elevate the experience of the world? Does it accomplish a mission of trust, kindness, and humanity?

So the next time you feel like you’re in a space where you feel you won’t be safe unless you smile and nod, just ask empowering questions.

What brings me into this space?
Who am I here to empower?
What am I to say and to whom?

Break free from being an ornament and become the stable, strong, life-giving tree.

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