How Nurtured is that Seed?

You are seeing what you already believe.

About yourself, the world, others, life…

So, events, people, actions, etc, have all placed seeds of belief in your mind. And you see the seedling or the result of what it is that was planted.

But what if you decided to see the plant differently?

What if the plant wasn’t a weed at all, but an interesting, fruitful plant? What if it gave life? What if it were robust and amazing? But you spent all these years with the belief that it was something else.

What then?

What if you could dissect that plant? Look at it from a cellular level?

Who planted this here? And why?

I think we have some digging up to do.

I think it’s pretty painful. But, like the song says,

Can’t go over it. Can’t go under it. Can’t go around it. Gotta go through it.

Let’s think of an example.

Look in the mirror. What do you see? Be honest.

Most of us immediately see “flaws” that don’t exist, other than in our own minds. Wrinkles, fat, unevenness, etc.

What if you questioned what you saw? What if you asked that thought “How did you get here?”

And let the answer come.

You might be surprised.

I work with a lot of women who carry body shame.

And I have been that woman.

When I looked in the mirror after giving birth, I could not see the miracle that stood before me. I could not see that I was the vessel for someone’s life. I could not see the work this body went through to make another life.

All I saw was a mistake.

In fact, I physically couldn’t reconcile with the woman in the mirror.

In fact, I couldn’t even call her a woman in the mirror.

I was hyper critical of her, tore her down, shamed her, and carried it.

It took me years to find out that I didn’t have to think that way or feel that way.

It took me years to find out that I could choose to see all of me in a completely different way.

It’s available to you, too.

I recommend The High Five Habit by Mel Robbins for extra help in this area, and I recommend meditations by Marisa Peer to go deeper into those seeds that were planted, mostly before you could recognize how or why they were ever put there.

You’re not alone. We all go through it. And we all must help each other pull out of it.


I am fearlessly and wonderfully made.

I am made in Her image.

I am a powerful force of nature.

I am a vessel for life.

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