Diastasis Recti Secret 1: Love Yourself First

Ok, ok. I’m not trying to be cliche. I’m really not.

But the first step in recovery. Of all kinds. Is self love.


Here’s what I’ve noticed.

Most people go into recovery with this kind of thought: “Why did I let this happen?” “I’m a failure at this.” “I feel ugly and stupid.” “I hate looking at myself.” “I hate this body.”

Does it matter?

I think so.

When someone decides to start from a place of loving herself, ie “My body is a miracle.” “I harbor and sustain life.” “I am a vessel.” ” My body serves me and protects me.” “I love this body,” I have noticed a direct correlation of simplicity in the idea of slowing down in order to speed up.

Slow down, connect with yourself, find your alignment. Breathe into your systems. Find your muscle connection….

All of that works when you’re ready to love yourself.

But if you’re stuck in “dammit, why can’t you just do this?” or “I’m going to beat you into submission!”...

It doesn’t work. And we backtrack. And start again.


I’m telling you. I’ve noticed the difference. It is making ALL the difference.  Have you noticed that? In any recovery? Any injury? Any setback? Does it always start with self love?


What if it did?

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