Should We Still Be Concerned with the Obesity Crisis?


Over the last couple of years, there has been less emphasis on the obesity crisis and more on self love and acceptance… for good reason.

The science is clear; obesity is an issue that cannot be overcome without loving your way through it.

Obesity is killing us.

In fact, obesity related illness and disease is one of the leading causes of death in America, some studies showing it more of a determinant of a shortened life and disease than smoking.

But, you can’t hate your way through it.

Any time we want any kind of life health or self improvement, hating our way through it may prove a temporary stay, but it’s likely to not be permanent. Diet culture proves this.

Since obesity became a concern, right around the 1980’s, diet culture and shame culture tried to market obesity away. It became more sales and marketing than a healthy way of living. So,

  1. Diet culture became a billion dollar enterprise…. and….
  2. Obesity statistics got worse

Obesity costs us as taxpayers $173 billion a year

Redirect: the Self Love Movement

You can only love yourself to a better place in the long run. I mean this sincerely, and I mean this in terms of better habits, better self care, and better stress levels.

This is a tough assignment, especially because we have been taught the opposite for so long. But things are changing, and if we’re here for each other, we can help each other turn our health around, feel better, and live better.

I think one of the strongest contenders for loving yourself and getting to the next best place for your personal well-being is being around people who bring out the best in you.

Listen to your self talk and the way your circle talks about themselves and others. Are they judgy? Critical? Talking about diet and body shame all the time?

The best circles don’t discuss people or shame people. The best circles talk about self elevation, self actualization, dreams, appreciation, and meaningfulness.

I am encouraging you today to consider your group.

Listen to what you say and what they say. Is the conversation empowering or deprecating? Are they willing to turn the conversation around? If not, where can you place yourself to find another group or circle? Do you want to try a new hobby? Start going to a class? What about a community center? A faith based center? Can you look on meetups to see what is available?

When you start to redirect your mind, you can and will redirect your life. And when you care enough about yourself to love yourself, it’s way easier to make better choices to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated, which might mean better food choices, more movement in your day, or to schedule that appointment with a doctor about your little hormone issue.

Whatever the issue, you can do this. And if you need another friend to help you see that in yourself, I’m here to help.





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