I Just Can’t Seem To Get Started

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When you can’t seem to get started on your new fitness routine, or you feel stalled out..

It can feel paralyzing!

You think you come up with a plan, you’re ready to roll, and either you don’t do the things or you fizzle after the first try.

A few fallacies to address first:

  1. There is no such thing as external motivation, so don’t plan on it showing up
  2. No matter how much is publicized on social media or TV, hiring a trainer won’t make you show up.
  3. You are more likely to cheat on yourself than other people.

But you know you want to be in better shape or you need better health… but you struggle starting or you have stalled and can’t get that engine up and running again.

I’m going to address this obvious elephant in the room, too:

Being on lockdown did various things to us all, and for some of us, it made us hesitant to get back in a routine. Or, it is weighing on us mentally or emotionally, from loss, loneliness, or depression.

These are real issues that deserve attention. If you feel like you can’t get out of bed or you think you have depression, call a counselor right away. Now in the United States, you can call 988 and speak with a licensed counselor right away.


As I have brought up before, motivation is not the answer. Motivation is an internal game from momentum. It doesn’t just come out of the clear blue sky. You have to move into it, feel good about it, get the blood flowing, and THEN, wow. Inertia! It’s easier to keep going.


I am a trainer and I think my value is important to you. However, I am going to ask that you not call me thinking I will make you workout. Even if the deal is for me to show up at your house, it won’t make it any less likely for you to bail.

Any time someone hires me to hold themselves accountable, I know it’s not going to work out. She is using me as a crutch. I am not a crutch. And it’s way too easy to cancel at the acceptable 24 hours in advance rule. Or just ghost me. You are not accountable to me. I am not a family member or close friend. You don’t care if you have paid me. You just don’t wanna. And I can’t … and won’t … make you.

I WILL however give you a fun and appropriate fitness routine if you decide that is what you want. Trainers should be used for their level of skill: program design understanding kinesiology, using tools and equipment, helping with habit setting…. those things. We do THOSE things. I love doing those things. So if you want a good personal trainer, not a circus trainer, contact me. I have lots of packages and ideas that can help you establish a healthy practice.

I am not Mr. T and I won’t show up threatening your life if you don’t get your ass out of bed. That’s up to you.

The Key Factor: Family or Friends

One thing was missing during lockdown that made it really hard to adhere to those lofty plans we made: we were isolated.

Even if you use an online system or a trainer, having a friend or family member as a partner, accountability buddy, or a simultaneous exerciser, will make a difference. It makes even more of a difference if you schedule coffee and chat time after, or some way to connect with this person.

I have accountability groups for people who don’t have that on-site right now… I don’t have that on-site right now, and I am working through a new fitness program. So I post in my group every day and get some feedback and accolades for showing up.

You can join my group HERE


Creating habits is as easy as making them a logical part of life. If you think you’re heading to the gym on the way home from work at 6:00 PM, and you know you are always exhausted at the end of your day, don’t count on that working out. You’ll find an excuse every day.

I have to exercise first thing when I get up in the morning, or the day will take my time away from me. I have a family and work, and things just happen. Every day. So, I get up before the sun and just do it.

Same thing with your food.

If you plan your foods wisely, you’ll eat wisely. Shopping for and prepping delicious whole foods makes a huge difference, for your palate and your overall health.. including mental and emotional health. So make a plan to do real shopping, get the fresh foods you want to eat, prep them, and have them accessible to grab.

Because … if you’re like me and you think you’re going to shop, prep, cook, and eat after work, welll…….. hello, Domino’s?

We grill chicken and veggies every couple of days and always have spices and healthy dressings in the house, ready to throw together. That’s easy for us and always delicious.

What are you working on? How can I help?


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