Planks and Push Ups with Diastasis Recti


I get asked often about planks and push ups.

When you are starting with me and any of my programs for Diastasis Recti or core stability, we’ll start on all 4’s and progress toward plank as your core gets stronger.

You can do push-ups from all 4’s, 1/2 plank, off a piece of furniture, etc, until you are ready for full plank.

But when I say “no planks for now,” I mean:

  • planks
  • side planks
  • burpees
  • push ups
  • chaturanga
  • etc

If your modification is one knee down, that applies every single time.

Ready for some direct instruction?

Here’s some help:

  1. Plank tutorial

      2. Push Up tutorial


Remember: you know your body from the inside. No one else does. If something doesn’t feel right, take it back a notch or skip that position for now. Be your own advocate

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