Hot Girl Summer?


You know, I don’t have a problem with “hot girl summer,” as long as your goal is about YOU. What do YOU want?

In the end, you know you can achieve amazing things if it’s for YOU, but the change is temporary (and usually not filled with love) when it’s for someone else.

Even if the hot girl summer is for revenge, make it about YOU, not the other person.

I, on the other hand, am really seeking Happy Girl Summer

As we close out May, mental health awareness month, I want to check in with myself, and I want to check in with you.

Here are a few things I have figured out about happiness:

  1. It’s an inside job. Nothing on the outside of you can truly make you happy. Your happiness stems from your internal feelings about yourself and the world you perceive.
  2. It’s not limited to people who have it all. Have you ever looked at someone rich and famous and thought “she must be happy!” only to read the next day that she has a therapist and is working through depression? Don’t be fooled. Happiness isn’t a rich and famous thing. It’s a mental health thing.
  3. You are not responsible for someone else’s happiness. I don’t mean that you should go around making people angry or upset. But if there is someone in your life that makes you feel like it’s your responsibility to hold his happiness up, that is a losing battle. You have to let that go and tell that person “This is not up to me. You need to find an internal solution.”

So, what is going to make you happy this summer?

  1. Don’t fall off schedule. Yes, rest and relaxation are in order, but if you let all things slide, like your physical fitness program and your nutrition plan, your mental health will suffer very soon.
  2. Do find an outlet. Do you need a new creative project? Something to do for your home? A new hobby? Now is the time to spend a few minutes a day in an outlet that is not “work.”
  3. Do find a community. I know as a mom, a lot of times our social events are tied to kids’ activities. That’s not YOUR community. Find your community, live or online, and lean into them.
  4. Do dream. What’s next for you? Are you looking for a vacation? New career path? New car? Take a few minutes a day and dream. Make a pinterest board. Enjoy the dream.

So… are you looking for hot girl summer? Well....


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