How to Plank

Tip One: Never ever just throw yourself (or anyone) into a plank.

There’s a lot more to it than just hands and toes on the ground, which is why I progress people to this position very thoughtfully.

How to progress your plank:

  1. Start in all-fours. Put all of your weight onto your toes without moving ANYTHING.
  2. Go to your belly and push out of the floor like your body is a board (not a worm!) only to a half plank (both knees down)
  3. Play with pressing back through your heels and a straight leg
  4. Practice sealing the thighs together and pushing back onto the toes, lifting the knees.

Remember: none of this matters without correct form and a complete ABC happening throughout.

Always ask yourself:

  • what is my alignment here?
  • what is my breath pattern here?
  • is my core correctly and fully engaged here?

If not, back up a level and start again.

Here’s a video to walk you through it:

And remember to always advocate for yourself. Only you know what is happening on the inside of you, so never let someone bully you into the wrong plank too soon.


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