Gut Inflammation and Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti is pretty tough to overcome if the gut is swollen or inflamed.

This is a separate issue from FAT. Fat is a concern especially for men, as they gain fat inside the tummy muscles. But women gain fat outside the tummy muscles… seemingly making the internal issues easier.

But it’s not easier for anyone when the issue is inflammation from the inside.

That swollen feeling in the gut. It’s uncomfortable and could cause a Lot of health problems, including exacerbating Diastasis Recti.

If the problem you are facing is UNDERNEATH the muscles of the abdominal wall, take a look at:
👉the quality of foods you eat
👉your stress level
👉your alcohol intake

And of course look at whether your foods agree with you! A food intolerance can cause the body to swell to fight it off.

So if you’re struggling with the belly and Diastasis issue, don’t ignore this. Take a look at cleaner eating and stress reduction, and it that doesn’t help being the tightness and discomfort down, look into a good elimination diet for an intolerance issue.

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