Going all in? Or self sabotage?

You THINK going all in is going to be the answer, RIGHT?

Ok so let’s set up the all-or-nothing mindset journey for you….

Client: “I want the biggest personal training package. I’m IN. I’m ready. I want to do it ALL.”

Me: “ok. I have time Tuesday or Thursday between 12 and 3. What time do you want?”

C: “oh. I want Monday at midnight.”

M: “I have time on Tuesday or Thursday between 12 and 3.”

C: “I don’t want to do afternoon. I want Monday at midnight.”

M: “that is not available on my schedule. I have a book that leads you through my material. You can start there…”

C: “no. I don’t read.”

M: “it’s also available on audio.”

C: “no. I don’t listen.”

M: “I have the whole course on video..”

C: “no. I don’t watch.”

M: “I have a group class..”

C: “no. I won’t participate. The only way I will participate is one on one at midnight on Mondays.”

M: sigh. Well. This is a huge exception to my rule, but I will see you at midnight on Monday.”

11:59 Sunday:
C: “I’m tired. I’m not going to make it. Can you do 5 AM?”

Truth: your brain will give you ridiculous hoops to jump through, convincing you that it’s the only way.

But the REAL truth is that you will actually adhere to the plan if it’s simple and doable.
So if personal training is not simple and doable for you right now, don’t ask for it!
I do have a book, a course, a class, and even a FREE text group to help you actually DO THE WORK.

Start where you are.
And stop listening to the “all or nothing” brain.

She’s really not on your side.

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