Fix that Mom Posture


What’s “mom posture,” and does it matter?

Mom posture is basically the body adjusting to shifts in gravity over time. With these changes, we compensate and our bodies can be stuck in positions that aren’t of the best use for us.

So, yes, it does matter.

When out of alignment, we have pain, interruptions in breath, improper exercise, and then injuries and more problems. Not to mention that if there is a core stability problem or Diastasis Recti, mom posture exacerbates those issues.

Here’s a little help to see what kind of mom posture you have fallen into and what to do about it:

Shoulders and hips may be stuck or super-tight around positioning that makes your posture and alignment wonky. That’s why it’s important to work on these issues little by little, not to expect the joint to line up properly instantly.

Remember that it took time to get stuck there, and it will take time to reverse it.

And remember that consistency in strength and flexibility really matter!

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