Diaphragmatic Breath and Belly Breath

When I was in music school, I was taught that belly breathing is diaphragmatic breathing.

It took me almost suffocating to realize this was incorrect information.

Most people won’t come to a life-and-death situation to discover this. Most just need some breathwork practice. But I didn’t have that background. And so when my core was not able to function, I couldn’t access and expand my diaphragm, because I had never known how to .

There is a time and place for belly breathing. Perhaps it is still a musician’s friend. I’m not sold on that and would love to do some experimenting to find out… but belly breath is also useful in mindfulness and meditation.

It is not useful in core stability and fitness.

Diaphragmatic breath will change how you live and how you workout.

Here’s more help on that:

The expansion of the diaphragm is linked to core stability and pelvic floor stability. It is also linked to effective training and muscle stability.

What do you think? Did you give it a go? Were you able to access the diaphragm? How did it go?

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