What Is and Is Not OK


Inspired by a post I saw today, I wanted to make sure we’re clear on using information and materials.

In this post, a woman said that a fitness influencer stole her images and gave herself credit for the woman’s results. This was a complete fabrication. The woman was just fortunate enough to find out through the grapevine. But unfortunately, as of today, the influencer is still using the images and is not in any kind of trouble with the social media sites where she posted them.

This is a violation of her rights, as they are her pictures, but it is also unfair to anyone who may make a purchasing decision based on false evidence. And, for the record, that’s not ok. You can’t steal someone’s pictures and claim credit for them.

As far as my clients are concerned, if you ARE a client in one of our before-after pictures or testimonials, brag away! You did the work! Tell people. Tell them what you did if you feel comfortable giving those details, and give people hope. That’s why we have success stories and testimonials.

But please don’t take my copyrighted and invented materials and pretend they are yours. Give me credit for my work and ideas, and send people to CarrieFit to find their solutions. You can also let people borrow my book. That’s totally acceptable.

If you are NOT a client in a photo, please don’t borrow those photos to try to sell your own product.

That is not fair to the person in the photo, and it’s not fair to me, the person behind the scenes on CarrieFit products and education.

If you want to help people that are struggling and you want to tools first, become an ABC Method Instructor! The information and tools are there. You can then tell people that you actually got a certificate in the process, and then YOU are the teacher of the process… and can build on it to create your own work.

In general, what you learned in school is true. Don’t take what is not yours and pretend it is. Don’t overstep boundaries and violate people’s trust. And DO be part of the solution with a kind and giving heart to all involved.

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