Don’t think you have clients with Diastasis Recti?

I get perplexing messages from trainers sometimes, mostly because information around Diastasis Recti is confusing, to people with it and people who serve those with it.

One guy was like “do people actually HAVE this? Because I’ve been training women for 40 years and I’ve never had a client bring a diagnosis of this…”


It won’t be diagnosed. It will be ignored by everyone. She will be told things like
“You’re just fat.”
“Lose the baby weight”
“You had a baby; it’s all over now.”
“Do more ab work.”
“Work harder.”

And if you perpetuate these messages, you are the problem.

She likely won’t get a diagnosis, but she will know inside that something is wrong. But because she is getting non-worthiness messages all around her, she is likely to shrivel up.

She is likely to not argue with you. She is likely to believe that she is just not good enough and not strong enough.

Many times, she will get hurt more training with you, won’t tell you, and will then find me in her moment of desperation.

So tell me. Since almost all pregnancies end in a level of Diastasis, and because 20-25% of your clients, even ones who have never had babies, struggle with Diastasis and core dysfunction, will you care enough to learn about it?

Or will you just keep blaming her? 

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