A fun challenge for Diastasis Recti Work…. with Prizes!


Here’s your invitation!

Did you stop and start or never get started?
How about an incentive to get back in the game?
1. Choose the book, course, or class.
2. Take a full body image on or before October 5, 2021 and label it (save it!)
3. Stay consistent to your practice until January 1, 2022.
4. Take a full body image between January 1 and January 5, 2022
5. Send all images or an image collage, labeled with dates, to carrie@carriefit.com with your story (what you used, how it went, any part of your story you want to share)
6. Get a $10 gift card to amazon to use on yourself!
Here are the links to the solution products you can choose from:
1. “Flatten my Postpartum Belly” on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H9LP289/
2. “The Diastasis Recti Recovery System” on Udemy:

3. Carrie monthly subscription on moxie:
For inspiration, see what others have done

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