A brief mental health moment…


My name is Carrie and I struggled with paralyzing anxiety for 25 years.

The kind where I would completely forget to breathe and have to remind myself to breathe… or pass out. And I did pass out on occasion.

Most people had no idea what struggle I was in. I got really good at pretending I was all confidence.

I set myself free from this constant state of fear about 11 years ago…

It tries to sneak back in to my brain every so often, usually when stuff is being piled onto my plate… especially when that stuff is out of my direct control.

The way out is to release control. Remind myself to breathe. Take a gratitude break. Remember who I am, why I am here, and who I serve.

And to remember Who sent me.

So if you’re struggling and up at night, I hear you and I understand. If you struggle to breathe at times, I will be here breathing on your behalf.

We are not meant to carry this; in fact, we have been instructed not to.

Ready? 💨 breathe in. 💨 breathe out
Today I am grateful for:
Today, I release the control of:
Today, I take one step at a time.

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