Congratulations New ABC Method Instructors

Congratulations to our newest ABC Method Instructors!

These trainers and instructors spent the last 2 weeks studying with me (and on their own) so that they can go out into the world and continue teaching the method!

What’s so great about these trainings is that I am getting a variety of teachers. Some are in group fitness. Some are trainers. Some teach designed formats. But The ABC Method is a fitness integration system, so a lot of our work is learning to integrate The ABC’s into what they already teach.

This helps people start, continue, recover, and get what they want out of their trainings!

We love to see people succeed.

If you work with women who have ever been pregnant, or anyone who struggles in the core department (that covers a lot of ground!), you need to be on our next graduating class!

Check out the website and register for our next training. Better yet, if you work with a group of trainers or instructors, schedule a private certification class with Carrie!

Imagine what we can do.

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