Can Diastasis Recti Heal on Its Own?

Now that we know that Diastasis Recti is a typical occurence in pregnancy and other conditions, many people ask “Can Diastasis Recti heal on its own?

Can it simply… come back together?”

The human body is amazing. We are constantly evolving from the inside out, creating new body cells, making new brain connections, subconsciously doing all kinds of functions.

In my practice, I have found that there are “natural core engagers.” These are people who have internal awareness of their deep core muscles and they naturally find their strength from the deep core muscles for everything they do.

For my clients, it’s not the “typical” person; it’s usually someone I find once in a while. These core engagers usually have a kinesthetic background AND didn’t lose touch with their early brain connectivity to their muscles. Many of them have dance or gymnastics backgrounds early on in life. These practices tend to be core focused and spend a lot of time on theories of alignment. All of this matters.

A natural core engager may find post pregnancy or post body trauma that they can go back and more easily access those muscles, that they realize their next best step is to go within to find deep core strength, that their alignment and breathing will make a difference in how their entire body feels and moves, and that their strength has to be developed or re-developed from the inside out.

These people are not free from needing additional resources and help.

Many of them come to me with words like “I used to be able to do…. but I’m not able to access it now; can you help me?” Many need intervention and additional services from physical therapy (I have yet to meet ANYONE who wouldn’t benefit from physical therapy). But as far as recovery from Diastasis Recti, natural core engagers sometimes recover on their own and still use outside help for better and stronger recovery.

Recovery from this and any injury or dysfunction is very nuanced. If you’re struggling and asking yourself WHY, then you should seek additional services from my fitness work AND a physical therapist specializing in core and pelvic floor.

Don’t assume things like “it’s too late for me,” “I can’t do it because I’m not a natural core engager,” or ” I’m too…” fill in the blank with old, young, fat, skinny, out of shape, or whatever your ego is telling you today.

You CAN recover.

I have seen it in the most unlikely of conditions. It does require, for core engagers and people brand new to finding mind-body connection, diligence, practice, and patience.

I’m here to help.

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