When to Refer Out

Fitness Professional ;

We should all be referring clients that need help to those that can help them.


In your back pocket should be a trusted
-physical therapist
-massage therapist
-mental health therapist
-(add in here a housekeeper, chef, oils expert, and other self care practitioners)

Do you have that?

Time to start networking!

One major reason my clients trust me is because they can tell me what’s going on, and I can say “hey, I know this great….” and I MEAN it. I’m not sending them to someone that just fell off the pickle truck!

Another major reason my clients come to me is that I can help them with their fitness choices that I appropriate for THEM, not for my agenda.

You have a list of exercises to teach today.
Do you know what to do if a new mom walks in your class?
What about someone with a chronic pain problem?

This is one of the things I help professionals do: I help them learn how to help clients more through options in fitness that empower them to do more and to actually get stronger, not just fall in line.

I’m also really good and helping clients with core and pelvic floor issues, which A LOT of our clients have (did you ask?).

If you want to have better answers and better options for your clients with core and pelvic floor issues, you really need to take my ABC Method Course for fitness professionals (and coaches). It is 12 hours of helping you with all the little things that can change your clients’ entire experience with you…. help them reduce pain, get strong, achieve the results they want, and live better!

We all want that, right?

I have a February class open right now. Head over to theabcmethod.com
OR email me.
I’m accepting limited engagements for private sessions. So, if you work with a team, a gym, or a group in fitness, I can gear the course specifically to you.

I look forward to helping you!


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