Rib Flaring and Diastasis Recti


So, what is rib flaring anyway?

Rib flaring is pushing the chest forward beyond straight alignment, causing the ribs to be open between the sternum and the rectus abdominis

(image by Leslie McNabb)

As you can see, rib flaring can seem like good posture, because the shoulders are back and the chest is forward. I often see this posture in performance athletes and fine artists, as they have been taught to project upward in their posture.

But the issue is that it is actually not aligning the ribs over the hips, causing strain on the rectus abdominis, and knocks the rest of the frame off as well.

What do we do?

Here’s a quick video to start working on rib flaring:

You are going to want to work on it a little at a time, until your new alignment feels more normal.

Want more help? Check out my video series on alignment HERE.

Keep up the good work! You got this!

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