Should I Wear a Waist Trainer or Girdle for Diastasis Recti?

Waist Trainers and Girdles, like these:

Have a long history of causing problems in women’s bodies, such as:

  • passing out from difficulty breathing
  • pelvic floor prolapse
  • hernia

These super-squeezers do not “train” the waist at all. They don’t teach core engagement or help with actual healing of any muscle or tissue.

What they do is cause more problems with a temporary appearance of a smaller waist.

On the other hand, sometimes, we need a little support while we are working to heal. Sometimes, in moving, working out, or in core recovery, we need a reminder to engage and a little lift so that our muscles don’t feel lax.

That helper would be a splint. This is the one I recommend:

This splint is available through Recore HERE.

When putting it on, just make sure to fasten it to the point of support, not pressure.

And keep working on your ABC’s throughout!


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