Resistance Micro and Macro

Stay with me here…. this might help you with more than your fitness.

Fitness people and people who train for sport know this principle.
How to get stronger:
>Resistance :pushing or pulling against something heavy or difficult
> Breakdown: the muscle fails, loses strength, and the fibers literally break down.
> Rest: the muscles worked have to have time to rest and recover
> and THEN you get STRENGTH.

Why I’m bringing this up today:
I’ve been witnessing this metaphor in the microcosm and macrocosm. I’ve been talking about it with clients when they are stuck. I’m seeing it in our minds, hearts, spirits, and society.

Within YOU: are you struggling and pushing against something? Do you feel compelled to a certain path? And the more you push, the more tired you get? And you start to think: Oh, I guess this isn’t for me.

Ask yourself: did I allow the space for the breakdown? This is tough stuff. This means you are allowing yourself to feel the way you feel. Allowing yourself to acknowledge the resistance, and possibly pain.

Allowing space for the breakdown is REALLY hard. Acknowledge that.

And then, did you allow time to rest? Did you take time and space for yourself? For self care? For just BEING, not DOING?

Because if you did, you’ll find the STRENGTH on the other side of that.

OK, friends. I’m going to go there. Strap yourself in.
This is what we’re facing in the United States and many countries in turmoil around the world.

I think the fact that we are entering a new era is no longer a theory.

Looking at what we have been through and where we are going, we can no longer deny that change is happening… a big shift. I can go biblical on you, but I won’t here. I’ll say that this era of change is likely to be kin to The Renaissance… only with more freedom for more people to have voices.

When we start to rise and acknowledge a shift within ourselves and our cultures, the resistance against that will rise. Meaning: the old systems and structures are the resistance, and it’s way too comfortable staying in the old paradigm, so people within those structures will rise to new heights to be the toughest resistance we have seen in hundreds of years.

So, my people of strong faith and resilience, we have to continue to rise to meet the resistance for the change we feel is necessary.

THAT BEING SAID, it’s going to be hard. It’s going to BREAK us DOWN. We will require rest and recovery. We will need to lean on each other for this. We will need to love and support a sister or brother while they need a break. Think of the geese as they fly. The one in the front will be doing most of the pushing and pulling against resistance. When he needs a break, he falls into the back to float on the wing strength of his brother or sister, who floats to the front.

Do you see this? Do you feel this? We will have to be the geese and allow for the feelings, the breakdowns, and the rest. WE WILL COME BACK STRONGER. And we will keep coming back and coming back and coming back. Change is happening. We’re the catalyst for change. It’s going to be uncomfortable.

Stay in it WHILE taking care of your personal breakdowns and rest. Come back stronger.


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