The Four Pillars of CarrieFit

This is the way I have always run my business, and to those who know me or have worked with me would say that these four pillars are very much how I naturally do business.

As my business grows and continues to develop through teaching and community building, I want to make sure I have stated this, because I/We will always return to these four pillars in how to do business.


Love is not woo-woo or romantic. It is operating from the premise that we are all connected and that there should only be winners, and no losers, in how we work together.

Love indicates:

  • joy
  • peace
  • faith
  • kindness
  • ahimsa


I/We shall have integrity in our words and actions. In other words, we do what we say and say what we will really do, clearly. We stick to our words and to what is important ethically.

Integrity indicates:

  • ethics
  • honesty
  • clarity


I/we establish a service-based business. In that, we agree that serving others is what we do.

Service indicates:

  • listening
  • caring
  • going the extra mile


I cannot separate what I do from the belief that we are created equal. Though some people would consider this “politics,” I consider this “truth” AND being a child of God.

I /we have the deep held set of beliefs that we are all created equal and have equal rights to love, integrity and service in life and business.

Equality includes:

  • being anti-racist
  • supporting movements for civil rights
  • supporting other businesses that promote equality
  • speaking against anti-equality on any level

Thank you for supporting CarrieFit.

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