Living with Crazy

On my journey to find space for love for every living being, I meditated yesterday and today on compassion and understanding.

When I was a teacher, I occasionally taught students living in a house with crazy.
I would wonder why the child showed erratic behavior, said weird things that children don’t normally say, or was suddenly angry or violent.
And then I would meet the parent or guardian.

Like it or not, we absorb our environment. When the environment becomes fear-based, the people in it live in fear. And fear then shows itself as anger, violence, hatred, rage, and… well…. crazy speak.

I’m trying really hard today. I’m sure you can relate. To find in my heart forgiveness to people who have spent 4+ years in an environment of crazy, and are reacting to a combination of perhaps an existing environmental issue and lit on fire by a crazed cult leader.
I’m not saying “that’s ok.”
I’m saying if we just try to forget them, if we use the principles we have used in the past, like “just cover them up,” or “make them afraid to speak up,” then we are also adding to the problem and not uncovering the underlying issues.

Can you help? Can you spend a few minutes in quiet meditation or prayer and ask the universe for guidance? Ask for a peaceful return to love?
We have serious work to do that can’t be done coming from a space of fear (which may be showing itself with emotions such as hatred and disconnection).
I’m just as hurt as you. I’m not ignoring the pain, but I’m going to try my best to use it for compassion.

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