Protecting Your Core in Pregnancy

core pregnancy

I remember wanting to keep my core perfectly strong during pregnancy. I figured a strong core would mean a strong delivery and a strong postpartum recovery.

Well… I went about it all wrong.

Here is what I know about pregnancy core work now.

  1. Posture first. Your gravity will shift as your body changes. Your goal is to focus on alignment and good posture, even when your center of gravity changes. Believe it or not, that is hard work, all day long.
  2. Give yourself breaks. Speaking of having to work hard all day long, it will be taxing on the muscles to keep realigning and readjusting. Along with all the other things you are doing internally to grow a human, you will be tired. Take breaks. Sit or lie down often, especially in later stages of pregnancy (always lie on your SIDE, not your back)
  3. Breathe. Your belly will start to take up more and more lung and diaphragmatic space. Take the energy to get full breaths, for your core health and the health of your baby.
  4. Deep muscles are your friend. Think in terms of lifting from the base of your belly upward. This supports your deepest core muscles and takes the pressure off your back.
  5. Get help. You may want to use a prenatal splint as the belly grows, just for extra support and to take the pressure off your back.

What do you think? What has helped you maintain core function in your pregnancy?

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