Happy Mothers’ Day 2022


Happy Mothers’ Day 2022

To all the mothers of kids, animals, and plants, I’m thinking of you today and want to offer a little prayer for you.

Dear God;

You know the hearts of the mother you created.

You see her tireless energy,

You see her service, all day and night

To empower others, related and unrelated.

You see her Love.

You see her Strength.

You see her Power.

God Bless the Mothers you created, God.

She is so blessed and so humbled to be a mother on this planet.

Give her rest, give her peace.

Give her Grace, give her Truth.

That she is the powerful.

That she is the bringer of Peace

That she is the Giver and Sustainer of Life

That you have ordained as Queen

She is lifted. She is energized. She is regarded

She is seen. She is heard. She is Honored.



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