I Unapologetically Stand With Women

As this article is written, the highest court in The United States (land of the free?) has written a policy to overturn long standing judgement, Roe Vs. Wade, which guarantees a woman in this country the right to an abortion as medical care.

Any person standing with the court on this decision or giving an excuse to this politically charged and manipulative action may be upset by my definitive stance on protection of women and mothers, but that simply shows your ignorance and blindness to the reality of pregnancy and parenting, and shows your complete lack of respect for mothers and women.

If you choose to not follow me based on this stance, I will not be upset. You can simply move along.

But I work with mostly women and mostly mothers, and we know that this right is not about saving the lives of babies (because we have seen the research, and more babies die when abortion is illegal), but it is about controlling women.

I’ll never forget the interview I heard with The Medical Medium, Anthony Michael, when he said, seemingly in passing, but ringing with truth.

“The ego of man feels he must control everything, so it feeds him to control the giver and sustainer of life, the woman.”

So, in effect, this need for control is simply that of every other evil in this world, the ego.

I had to chuckle when I wrote that previous sentence, because we all know that the word “evil” is from the word “Eve,” which was the first woman in the Bible. And she must have been evil. And therefore is cursed. And therefore must be controlled.

So, is this a religious ploy?

When religion is caught up in ego (edging God out; the opposite of faith in God), then yes. It’s all this backward thinking and personalizing God to make Him an authoritative dictator, which in turn makes humans believe in authoritative dictatorship, which would start with controlling women.

So, we are wrapped in a nasty package of ego, political control, egoic religion, and lack of faith, all built on the backs of women and children, who are and will continue to be, the collateral damage.

Women of True Faith, who know that God is not an authoritative dictator, know that the meek shall inherit the earth, that we are bound to protect women and children, and that we are all connected, so a battle against one is a battle against God.

But separate from Women of True Faith is just belief in each other as Americans. If we feel the need to control each other to the point of letting each other bleed to death in the streets, then were we ever this beautiful utopia of freedom and justice?

Based in our history, no, we’re not. Not yet. A lot of us still believe in the promise of freedom, life, and liberty, but we haven’t even scratched the surface of that reality. The only “free” people in this country are the ones who can afford it.

If you truly want to protect life or call yourself “Pro Life,” here are some things to support:

  • universal healthcare
  • preventative healthcare
  • increased and improved maternal healthcare
  • increased and improved mental healthcare
  • protection of military veterans
  • child services
  • welfare
  • rehabilitation of convicts and inmates
  • gun control laws
  • a living wage for all
  • care of the planet and green initiatives
  • a department of peace
  • civil rights initiatives

And more! How many women and child centered initiatives can you think of that don’t destroy and debilitate mothers and children?

If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to read this well documented article from 2017 by Marie Claire reporters. Anti-abortion laws are the reality for countries that are falling apart. Women and babies are bleeding out in the streets with no help. Is this the image of “land of the free” that you want?

Let’s start today by supporting women. If you want to picket and get involved, don’t do it at a Planned Parenthood. Do it at a courthouse. Show women and children that their lives matter. Or get out of the way.

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