Ego Traps Part 3: Mine!

As we move along in the ego series, let’s address abundance and scarcity issues.

Photo by Phil Goodwin on Unsplash

As the ego starts to enter the brain as a baby, as we discussed in “Labels,” he will start to see scarcity.

This is often when your toddler starts hoarding, stops sharing, and loves the word “MINE!”

In the ego brain, losing something is an insult, and there isn’t enough to go around.

While living in this ego world, yes, you will see plenty of confirmation of scarcity. You will witness poverty.

It’s important to see, though, that scarcity is something humans created using ego as its source. Imagine if we all decided today that there is plenty to go around.

In fact, there is. There is plenty of food. There is plenty of money. But the hoarder ego in us still gets the better of us, even as we mature (because do we ever mature really?), and the result is allowing other people in our world to suffer.

It’s a collective ego decision.

Now, on the other hand, you can decide today that all things that matter are abundant.

Are they?

What really matters?

When you walk in the woods or look out your window, is God’s world scarce?

If you look for what isn’t, then yes it is. If you look for what IS and always is, then no, it’s not.

If we are going to work on getting this world more God centered and less ego driven, it starts there. Jesus was the ultimate symbol of abundance. There was nothing He couldn’t do and no matter that couldn’t be solved with an abundant mindset. This is why He fed 5000 men (the women weren’t counted) on 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. To show that His world is abundant and not limited to the scarcity of the ego.

What can you say, what can you do, who can you affect, with a mindset of abundance? One that says “There is plenty for all of us” or “There is always more. Let’s share.”


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